How We Started

About six years ago, a teacher in Southington, Ct, named Bob Brown, realized that the state and national mania for giving standardized tests to our students in order to remove the poor teachers “responsible” for those students who received poor results, was simply wrong. Poverty has a far more devastating impact on students than poor teachers. So, being active in his state teacher’s union (CEA–the Connecticut Education Association), he convinced the CEA to form a Poverty Task Force to study the impact of poverty on students, programs that helped reduce that negative impact, and ways to reduce poverty itself.

After studying poverty and its impact on students for a year, a report was written. The findings were shocking–poverty indeed does have a devastating impact on many aspects of students learning and life. So, a plan was developed, and then a way to implement this plan (see elsewhere on this website). Reports do not end poverty action does, and that is our purpose now.